Well and Septic Systems: What are the Average Costs?

REQUEST A LOAN OFFICER NOW In case you are not aware of this small fact, choosing a rural piece of land to build your perfect home is going to have additional costs. You need to make sure that you factor in the costs of a few extras, like a well and septic system, so you do not exceed your construction budget. Many people forget to factor those items into their costs, as they forget that these areas are not hooked up to any municipal wastewater or regular water systems.

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What is a “PERC” Test and Determining If You Will Need One

REQUEST A LOAN OFFICER NOW When you are trying to determine whether or not you will need a PERC test, you will need to know whether or not your lot is improved or not improved. Since you probably have no idea what the difference is between those two, let us explain! An improved lot is normally defined as a part of a subdivision or a lot that has a well and septic tank installed right there and they are both in working order.

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